Are all of your products really from Asia?

All of our products come straight to us from Korea or from Korean-inspired beauty brands from around the world.

We, at Moshiso, thoroughly vet all the brands that we provide on our site to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. We only choose brands that offer h the best ingredients and formulations. With so many incredible brands in Korea, the global leaders in beauty innovation, it isn’t easy; but, we curate to showcase only the best for all of you. We hope you enjoy our carefully hand-selected selection.


Are the products available on Moshiso 100% authentic? 

Yes. All the products at Moshiso are imported from South Korea. We can guarantee the authenticity, quality and life span of products because we have direct contact with the brands/official distributor in South Korea.


What makes K-beauty products so different?

Korean skincare focuses more on attaining and keeping your skin healthy rather than covering it up with makeup. The South Korean beauty industry is extremely competitive which results in many innovative and affordable brands and products that are of high quality.


Is K-beauty suitable for African skin?

Yes! K-beauty is suitable for everyone, especially women with darker skin tones. In fact, we have curated a special selection of K-beauty products that would ensure that your skin will look clear, bright and healthy!


What is the “10 Step” K-beauty Routine?

 We are so glad you asked! The celebrated “10 Step” K-beauty Routine iis unlike anything in the Western market. It helps to keep your skin looking clean, supple, moist and beautiful! Click here to learn more about this amazing Routine.


Is it necessary to follow all 10 steps to see results?

Not necessarily. Although do encourage you to adopt the “10 Step” K-beauty Routine, you can start with


Can I use different brands of products in my routine?

Sure! If a specific product (e.g. a face cream) from a certain brand works wonders for you, by all means use it. This however, does not necessarily mean the rest of the product line will work just as effectively. So mix things up and find out which product combinations from different brands work best for your skin!


I’m not sure what to buy. Can I get some advice on which products are best for me?

Definitely! We would love to answer any questions you may have and help you learn more about the products on our site. E-mail us at hello@moshiso.com to get advice from our expert team.

We also recommend that you check out our blog, where we share tons of information about how you can use our products to get the best skin possible!


Do you ship Internationally?

No, we only ship in Nigeria at this time.